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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lion have more Finger Gesture than Snow Leopard

Migrating from Snow Leopard to Lion is confusing and annoying but fun experience. One feature of Lion that I noticed very much is new finger gesture as it's a whole different experience than Snow Leopard.

I noticed first bad feeling when I browsing through Safari and can't double-tap-hold todragging a text to highlight it. I think, oh my God, my trackpad is broken. Calming down, go to preferences panel. I can't find double tap option, hm. Drag n Drop now can be done by three finger, uh. Highlighting text using three finger seems wrong to me. So, no double-tap-hold. (edit: there is double-tap-hold )

Two finger gesture to scroll and zoom is intact. Hm, not really. Scroll direction now has default option to 'natural', iPad like scroll.

No Exposé or Space, just Mission Control. Mission Control contain apps on current active desktop, just like Exposé, and all full screen apps, including other desktop.

Sweeping down four finger now show windows from same apps while sweeping up bring us to Mission Control. Sweeping left or right will bring us to next full screen apps (Desktop's treated as fullscreen apps).

A new gesture is pinching with four finger; pinching down will bring up Launchpad, an apps list just like iOS. A reverse pinching, spread (not sure what it's named), will push all windows to side to show Desktop.

I'm a bit missing the time when I could switch apps by sweeping down my four finger. Moving apps through spaces has gone too, but I guess it's a sacrifice to be able jump too next step.

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