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Friday, March 22, 2019

Lensa 7Artisans 7.5mm f/2.8 untuk Canon EOS M6.

Loh bukannya sudah punya 22mm f/2.0 yang keren itu?

Iya sih. Tapi rasanya masih kurang di hal-hal tertentu. Hal-hal seperti apa?

Well, kita tahu lensa 22mm itu di APS-C agak nanggung, walau bagi saya baik-baik saja untuk keperluan sehari-hari.

Memangnya nanggung seperti apa? Nah. Jika kita ingin memotret obyek agak jauh, maka akan terlihat kecil. Tentu saja karena memang 22mm, dibanding dengan 50mm, si nifty fifty, maka 22mm ini akan kalah. 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Recover The SD Memory Card Data

My SD Card is toasted.

It happened when I recorded my music video cover, a song called "Kolam Susu" by Koes Plus, but I used Musikimia arrangement.

I used to record my music performance on Logic Pro and the video on my Canon EOS M6.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I played music instruments all by myself.  So my workflow is like:
  1. Record the drum.
  2. Record the bass.
  3. The rhythm guitar.
  4. Guitar Solo.
  5. Bass Solo, I improvised this part. 
  6. Vocal.
In the middle of taking vocal part, suddenly the camera LCD went dark. I continue my vocal take because I always could lip-sync it later.

After my vocal take is finished, I grab the camera and, it shutdown by itself, uh oh...

I turned it on but it displayed a warning, something like "memory error", oh my...

I thought about my drum video record. It's always hard to "lip-sync" drum part; I have to rescue the SD Card data. And the journey's began...

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