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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Blackberry Experience (part 2)

So, how about the Blackberry killer app, Blackberry Messenger?

I personally don't know what's so great about it and what's really different with others messenger apps.

My sister in law tell me that BBM benefit is ability to block people and prevent his/her to contact us. Because BBM connect people through PIN, blocked people won't be able to contact via phone number if didn't know our number or we change our number.

I though of that and feel that it's ridiculous. We know yahoo messenger, google talk, whatsapp and other messenger have blocking feature as well.

Another problem is PIN itself. It's tied to one device. While it comes handy as we don't need to create new account as we have new number, it ties us to just one device. If we get another blackberry device, we have to reinvite our contacts again (or just export it? IDK).

Sure whatsapp or LINE is very vulnerable, anyone had our number is able to contact us but what's so bad about it? They still able to text or call us, don't they? And it have (along yahoo, gtalk and other) great portability; we're free to change device and still use same account, even use it in desktop computer.

Maybe it's just me but I don't want to be tied with one device. (Don't you want to upgrade your blackberry device?)

Blackberry Messenger is still great app though, with million users of course, every blackberry owner use it. But in the end, I still found whatsapp or other traditional instant messenger come handy in term of portability.

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