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Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Blackberry Experience (part 1)

After trying my sister-in-law's blackberry, I feel the urge to compare it with my 4S. This is the first post about it

Maybe it's not fair to compare that two device, iPhone is touch based device while blackberry is scroll-point-click based device, but I'm curious about why blackberry is so famous and became de-facto in business (at least in the past). Well, here is it...

My reaction the first time I grab the blackberry is, confused.

Maybe I used to touch my iPhone to make it work but the blackberry OS confuse me about almost anything. I don't even know how to unlock its display at first because "mute" button is "play" button, :).

The home screen displays few apps and when I want to open apps that not in home screen I have to scroll it down but wait,... it don't scroll. Apparently I have to click "all" first and then scroll it down. While it may easy but the problem is I have to highlight "all" first to click it. iPhone have fewer step to go to anything.

The first app I want to open is mail, it's app that make blackberry powerfull among businessman anyway and guess what? It is...

The push feature is great, it delivers email as "send" is clicked, and receives email as soon as the email sent by sender (whoever it is) thank to BIS.

Yeah, blackberry mail is ok but I found facebook for bb is terrible (second apps I opened after mail). Try to read a twenty lines comment and you know what I mean, you read several lines and when you scroll to read next lines, it goes to last lines, and few lines before last line, there is no way to read 'middle' line


Sure iPhone can't transfer file via bluetooth, or download music (or anything) outside app store, but it worth it, faster, smoother and I'll stick with it.


galang said...

[н̲̅e̲̅н̲̅e̲̅н̲̅e̲̅] komen ini pake BB nya nuke ªªKªªKªª. '"‎=))"''
‎​ªªKªªKªª. <<3>
‎​ªªKªªKªª. 0^^0.
ªªKªªKªª. '"‎=))"''
‎​ªªKªªKªª. <<3>
‎​ªªKªªKªª. 0^^0.

Nugroho Adi Pramono said...

Halo Werkudara. Heheh...

Nugroho Adi Pramono said...

Eh, tak kira sik di smooth jam segitu, :)

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