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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Little Upgrade

 Just got the jungle snare. A little 10 inch beast it is.

 Been searching for two full years (exactly, I started to hunt it after watching X-Mas rendition using this jungle snare).

 Of course it available online everywhere, except Indonesia.

 There's one online shop, but when I ordered it (and pay it without thinking), it turned out that the stock is unavailable.


 Keep searching...

 I accidentally opened some web page selling sport and music equipment. And it happened that this jungle snare is there. Maybe there's no one know it because it has no picture of it in the display, just blank white with serial code of it.

 Having searched it for two years, I know that's the one I've been looking for.

 And it out of stock.

 So I emailed the owner of the shop, ask if it could be preordered because I read that the shop is officially affiliated with Sonor.

 They promised will get the snare for me. But before it happened, the representative of the shop emailed me to inform that there one old stock at their display (offline shop) at the mall, at discount price!!! She asked me if I want to buy that instead, of course...

 So, here is my 'new' mini setup. If you wonder what the big tom at the left doing, I play drum with open and close handed with same portion.

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