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Thursday, July 17, 2014

I Know I have to Use Android, but...

After my iPad "coudnt charge" problems and finally grab a Lenovo A3000 for Alfa. I notice several things.

Sure it have quad core processor and 2GB RAM. (my iPad 1st gen has single core and 256 RAM, my iPhone has dual core)

Sure it behave faster than my sister in law's sluggish galaxy tab 3.

Sure, it means I have to choose android over iOS with those specs advantage


My quad core 2GB RAM android fells sluggish compared to my much smaller RAM iPad, even Alfa, my 2 years son, dissappointed by its unresponsiveness.

It have to be carried carefully too, something that Alfa, used to stepping and jumping and landing on sturdy aluminium iPad, didn't like.

On a completely unrelated subject, can my Android do text editing? Sure it can.

Spreadsheet? no problem.

Presentation? ugh, what do you mean? create slide? ok

Presentation on projector? I am not so sure. I used to use my iPad or iPhone to do presentation of my keynote (created on mac or on iDevice) on my physics class using VGA adapter. I don't know how to get an adapter for android here, universal or specifically for Lenovo A3000.

Creating latex document? I use Texpad on iPhone, not sure in Android.

Recording a multi track song? I used garageband on my iPad and iPhone, searching with no desirable result on Google Play.

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