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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala in Tablet PC HP TX2500

After having OpenSuSE 11.1 installed on my Tablet PC for about a year, I want to try installing Ubuntu 9.10 on my TX2500. I used Karmic Koala iso image for AMD64 architecture and start with liveCD choice first.

Using LiveCD, everything is seem work without problem. When a familar exotic GNOME welcome sound is heard, I suddenly jump and think ”hooray, this cool Tablet PC is finally supported by ubuntu...”. Ridiculous, yeah, but the big problem prevent me for installing ubuntu on TX2500 is that no sound support (hey..., how we can life without music...), so, realizing that it wasn’t problem anymore (as well as my pen and eraser on touchscreen), I decided to override my SuSE 11.1 with this Koala.

Oh yeah another pleasure is a popup offers me if I want to install Broadcom, SLModem and ATI propietary driver but, planned to install that after install to harddisk, I close that windows (uh, what the poin install something in live system?).

After install Koala and boot into its system, I wait for popup offerring propietary driver installation but it never showed up, but everything is OK:
  1. Sound is work, that’s good
  2. Digitizer is work, I can use my pen and eraser as pointer and primary click eventhough finger-touch isn’t work.
I, after a couple minute, finally found how to install propietary driver, using menu Hardware Driver, I installed Broadcom Wifi, SLModem and fglrx ATI propietary driver. I also want my system always updated and use newest soft- ware, so, using synaptic, I updated software and even upgraded kernel. Here the problem arise.

After updating softwares and upgrading kernel of Karmic Koala, sound refuse to sounding (aaaaaargh..), no sound hardware detected, volume icon represent dummy hardware. I think it’s ALSA problem (like other said when i googling for solution) so I download alsa-driver, alsa-utils and alsa-... and com- piled them form source (uh). Still no sound after restarting.

I do deep search at google again and found realy simple but powerful solution: deactivate slmodem driver from hardware driver and voilaaa...., my sound is back

Here some note from Karmic Koala on my TabletPC tx2500 series
  1. Sound is work
  2. Pen digitizer is work out of the box
  3. Broadcom Wifi is work (propietary driver)
  4. Remote is work out of the box. It can raise volume (master volume), play next/previous song on mp3-player
  5. Webcam could be accessed through cheese
  6. My Sierra HSDPA modem was detected automagically (no need wvdial command line, heheh)
  7. Compiz-fusion run smoothly, so I can use compiz 3D effect and emerald in my desktop

(for Oneiric Ocelot, see here)

From Ubuntu Karmic Koala

From Ubuntu Karmic Koala


Anonymous said...

You Sir are a genius, it really worked...THANKS A MILLION!

Erik Billeci said...

Do you have any issues with CPU Scaling? My TX2510us (Turion X2 ZM-80) would run full bore all the time (full fan, lot of heat, bad battery life). It made the laptop uncomfortable to use. I think it may be an open bug, but if you could offer your suggestions, that'd help a lot.

Aravir said...

yeah, both core was detected, and fan didn't always spin on full of speed.

About heat, ehm, it's AMD, itsn't? :)

Edit /etc/modules:

$gksudo gedit /etc/modules

And add to the end:


hope that help

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