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Monday, June 12, 2017

Change '1st Edition' into 'Edisi 1' in LaTeX.

My LaTeX document on Indonesian language has had proper citation style on bibliography using biblatex; the ''disitasi pada halaman" instead of "cited on page".

Of course the new problem arise. Like this.

Look that I have "1st Edition" or "2nd Edition" here and there. It supposed to have "Edisi 1" or "Edisi 2" form respectively.

Okay, thats not new problem (it's the kind of the last minute problem before the show, :D ).

So I add this line at the preamble.
 backrefpage = {disitasi pada halaman},
 backrefpages = {disitasi pada halaman-halaman},
 edition = {edisi},
 in = {dalam},
 and = {dan},
 urlseen = {diakses pada}

Looks good.

Change the "Cited on Page" Strings in LaTeX.

I have LaTeX document written in Indonesian and it's nice and yada yada. The minuscule problem is the bibliography. I used biblatex and it look like this.

The problem is "cited on page" and "cited on pages" string. It's supposed to be "disitasi pada halaman" and "disitasi pada halaman-halaman".

What I need is add this lines to preamble.

 backrefpage={disitasi pada halaman},
 backrefpages={disitasi pada halaman-halaman}

And I got this, :)

All was well, :)

HyperRef and Bookmark Combo in LaTeX.

I use this preamble in order to show bookmarks on PDF generated from my .tex file.

This way, we could navigate through part, chapter, section and subsection (depending on our depth setting) using table of content sidebar of PDF reader.


\hypersetup{hidelinks,backref=true,pagebackref=true,hyperindex=true,colorlinks=false,breaklinks=true,urlcolor= ocre,bookmarks=true,bookmarksopen=true,bookmarksdepth=3,pdftitle={Title},pdfauthor={Author}}
\ifnum\bookmarkget{level}=0 % chapter
\ifnum\bookmarkget{level}=-1 % part

Thursday, June 8, 2017

BibLaTex Problem

Have you had this error?
$ biber main.aux
INFO - This is Biber 2.1
INFO - Logfile is 'main.aux.blg'
ERROR - Cannot find control file 'main.aux.bcf'! - did you pass the "backend=biber" option to BibLaTeX?
Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:tesBibTex nugroho$ 

Me too.

The solution is simple, make sure the command is

$biber main

and not

$biber main.aux

Monday, June 5, 2017

Using Kivy on MacOS

Here's my first kivy program after a while.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Adding Piezo and Replace Tune O Matic on ES175 Replica.

Why? I want acoustic electric package in one guitar. In order to install Fishman piezo, I need to replace Tune O Matic with regular acoustic bridge saddle.

Is it success? Uh, oh, maybe.

What about sound after mod? It's nearly acceptable.

Nearly? Err, there's fret bussing, the action of the mod with acoustic saddle is too low.

Just that? There's intonation problem too, I couldn't set individual string length on the bridge.

Are you crazy? Yup.

Are you happy now? Not yet.

Guitar Intonation.

Have you tune your guitar using clip-on tuner and it's perfectly in tune for all open strings, but it getting horribly out of tune at high fret. Yup, that's intonation problem striking at you.

What's guitar intonation? Well, on traditional style guitar, with straight frets, the fret placement is based on a string or based on 'standard'  measurement. The problem with this placement is while it's fine with 1st string, it doesn't sound right with 2nd string (b) or 3rd (G). Of course it's like Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, if we make it work on G-string, it will sound wrong on high-e string.

Can it be solved? Some people using 'true temperament' system on their fretboard. The fret in this system is not straight but have a certain shape in order to get the strings perfectly in tune. Of course different string gauge will need different fret shape so one guitar will stuck on one type of string. (We might use another string, but it will out of tune, maybe worse than standard straight frets).

Okay, it's not generally practical. Is there another way?

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