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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Asus Eee PC won't Enter BIOS

Got this Eee PC without OS. 

Planned to install it myself. 

This netbook don’t have cd drive. 

so the choice is via pxeboot or flash/thumb drive. 

(have set PXE boot several month ago for CentOS, and have no desire to do it again or my head will split :) ) 

so via flash drive then 

we could use any thumb drive and any iso, given it have enough space

we could make this pen drive bootable with any tool (windowsbased, linux via dd, os x based, unix based) just google for it


what now

First, we must set BIOS of this netbook to boot via USB drive

to enter BIOS we must press F2 after powered this device on

or maybe F1

err, it seem I couldn’t get bios interface. Googling around and found out that I have to repeat the press on F2 fast

and, hooray…

succeed, installed OS on it

but, wait

my OS is 32bit

I have 4GB RAM on this eee PC and 32bit OS generally could only handle 3.6GB RAM, oh my…

download 64bit iso
make it bootable on flashdrive

reinstall the OS, but…. it won’t enter BIOS, again
no mater how fast I press F2 key it’ll always go to OS boot 

same thing happenend to del, esc, F1, F12 keys


(wish for luck)

grab external usb keyboard

plug it on

press power, press F2 and, tadaa…, oh my God, that BIOS interface…

now my ASUS Eee PC have 64bit OS on it



My device is Asus eeepc x200ca-kx190d 1007/4g/500g/dos/blu

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