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Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY Guitar PreAmp (or Distortion StompBox) using TL 074

My string acoustic-electric guitar is borrowed and not back, leave my classic nylon string Yamaha guitar and an Ibanez clone with is by itself stand at the opposite pole of my need (rock/metal amplified sound or warm natural classic).

I need something between that and decide to install piezo on my classic nylon string. It pretty straightforward, just need few minutes. The problem is when i plugged it on my amp, it has almost no sound. I have to crank the volume knob all the way up to hear 'normal' level volume. It need pre-amplifier.

I uninstalled the piezzo (what I'm thinking at that moment, :D ) and using my Ibanez clone as testing guitar, with normal jack and all.

here the schematic

It Occured to me that this Pre-Amp could act as Distortion effect if we set the gain super high. I do it by add a resistor parallel to 100k. And the sound is suddenly very different. It's very clipped and distorted yet there's something missing (for me). I like soft clipping. So I plan to tinkering with some resistor value or add potentiometer to it

If we don't want distortion, just louder gain, we could always using two stage preamp (I don't know the proper name of it)

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